Poochigian's "Cosmic Purr" to be released in Spring of 2012

"The appearance of Aaron Poochigian's The Cosmic Purr marks the debut of a poet of distinctive voice and impressive formal accomplishment."
                                                                                  Charles Martin
Here, for a taste, is Reunion Show, first published in the Dark Horse:
Reunion Show
Remember rage the way we used to love it
and what mad masks we wore when we began.
Think of the shrieking eagle on our van,
the decal, with its wings aflame,
and our prophetic name,
The Downward Spiral,
the viral
expansion of it,
the perks and packed arenas
before the groupies got between us,
the label dropped us, and the fad wound down.
Boys, since this bar is in a nowhere town,
let’s pound out, with our amps cranked up to ten,
sincerer tribute to the angry art   
than we could handle at our start.    
The blasphemy we hurled   
against the world
back then
was out of season.
Now we have damned good reason
to smash things up like ruined men,  
and all my lyrics will be from the heart.