Novelist Jean Simmons' Review of "The Cosmic Purr"

Charles Martin says in the forward that he found Poochigian's use of direct address refreshing, and I have to agree. I did enjoy feeling included in the poetry. But I also enjoyed the surprising variety of subject matter he covers in his poems- he talked about everything from plumbing to Medusa.

However, what I loved most about the poems is that they are great for reading out loud. While they come across as spontaneous and often conversational, still, as Dick Davis wrote, "Aaron Poochigian's technique is masterly." And it's his technique that makes the poems so readable. When I used to study Shakespearean acting, our teacher often admonished us to enjoy the language, and I find Cosmic Purr easy to enjoy in that way. It's not just the sounds and rhythms that are pleasing. Poochigian's thinking, the way he puts things, and the arguments behind what he says are pleasing too.

I don't usually like modern poetry. Good or bad, I often feel alienated from both the poet and his subject matter. But in Poochigian's poetry there is something for everyone, and, quality-wise, it's superb. It's already one of my new favorites, and I think it will be a favorite for years to come.