"Cosmic Purr" featured by ND Humanities Council

My home state gets my Meriwether Lewis poems, bless it.  The North Dakota Humanities Council featured my poem "Meriwether Lewis at the Great Falls" along with a gorgeous painting of the same title by cowboy artiste Charles Fritz:
Captain Meriwether Lewis and the Great Falls
I was the one, the first white man, to shiver
into the wind of it--a rush so grand
it felt like God was barreling downriver.
I was the fool who marked in a clean hand
its height and spate, certain that words would claim
what savages had only scratched in sand.
I was an ass to fix it with a name.
What was the use? The blasted thing went on
thundering Shush! to spite me all the same.
After the portage, I sat up till dawn
ignoring what was missing, since I knew
that part of me had quit the corps and gone
to serve there, hushed and worshipping the view,
no matter what went on to subdue.