Video of Poochigian reading from "The Cosmic Purr"

Here's video of someone who must be myself rocking "The Cosmic Purr" et al. at the UND Writers Conference earlier this year. The lovely and talented Dr. Heidi Czerwiec emceed the event:

Don't forget:

"Syllables rough and smooth enough to soothe and stir,
we are the deep massage, the cosmic purr."

"Cosmic Purr" review by Prof. Kevin Nenstiel

New Formalism and the Classical Contemporary Tradition
by Kevin L. Nenstiel, U of Nebraska-Kearney

Like his fellow classicist AE Stallings, Aaron Poochigian forms a bridge between the dead luminaries he translates, and today's introspective verse. He makes use of the ancient, somber forms so many readers love, but he applies them to a muscular contemporary poetic ethos. And though his verse is very new, addressing current concerns for a living audience, it has a lyric texture of something much older, with a robust Greco-Roman spine.

"Cosmic Purr" featured by ND Humanities Council

My home state gets my Meriwether Lewis poems, bless it.  The North Dakota Humanities Council featured my poem "Meriwether Lewis at the Great Falls" along with a gorgeous painting of the same title by cowboy artiste Charles Fritz:
Captain Meriwether Lewis and the Great Falls
I was the one, the first white man, to shiver
into the wind of it--a rush so grand

Novelist Jean Simmons' Review of "The Cosmic Purr"

Charles Martin says in the forward that he found Poochigian's use of direct address refreshing, and I have to agree. I did enjoy feeling included in the poetry. But I also enjoyed the surprising variety of subject matter he covers in his poems- he talked about everything from plumbing to Medusa.

"The Cosmic Purr" on KMSU's "Weekly Reader"

I did a radio interview with KMSU's "Weekly Reader" yesterday. Here's a link to the podcast: . The show will air tomorrow. I love that the interviewer asked me to read a number my poems for him. "The Cosmic Purr" is rockin' the airwaves--resonance with resonance.

Here are some upcoming readings:

Wednesday, June 6th, for the West Chester Poetry Conference (West Chester, PA)
Friday, June 29th, 7pm at the KGB Bar (NY, NY)